Since I found Serenity…

So it has been done.
By the power vested in me by the various authorities-that-matter, I hereby do name thee, ‘Serenity’.
It is a rather uncommon nomenclature – lacking the usual macho flavor that is usually associated with motorcycles in general. I have heard of lions, riding monks, stallions, devils and the like. Strong names with a definite macho-tint or wander-lust flavor.
However, for me, biking was never about being macho. Scratch that, biking for me, now, is not about being macho at all.
Once upon a time, not long ago, I too emphasized more on the cosmetic aspects of biking – leather jackets, half face helmets ( commonly associated with the tough cruiser biker persona ) and a desire to look cool. In fact, my first long bike trip was completed with inadequate gear ( a half face helmet, no riding gear, etc. ).
While it did not seem such at that time, I am pretty much lucky not to have encountered a fall somewhere and leave bits and pieces of my face on the road. Back then, being a biker, according to me, was more about subscribing to the image of a cool badass persona whom people look and admire, and not much about the actual riding experience.
However, the opportunity to interact with and accompany some passionate bikers, who have clocked a lot of miles on their machines, slowly led me to realize that biking was not about showing off, the true elation needed to come from within you. Your friends and acquaintances complimenting your badass outfit does not even hold a candle to what you feel when you ride a motorcycle. The feeling of anticipation before embarking on a long ride, the nervous expectation when you gear up and strap your luggage to your bike, the slowly spreading contentment when the engine roars to life beneath you, leading to the ultimate feeling of liberty when the wind hits your face as you rev up – all these build up an almost zen-like state of mind in me.
And there, on the open road, with the wind rushing against my face, the engine thumping along in a steady, musical beat, admist the heat and dust and sound and all the general cacophony, I found serenity.


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